C2E2 – 2012

This weekend brought to Chicago the C2E2 event (Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo). I had never been to such an event prior to this weekend and I have to say, it was a lot of fun.  As can be expected there were a lot of people walking around in costume.  Some were hired actors and others were people just having fun.

David Tennant lookalike
Very Cool Tardis Costume

There were quite a few vendors selling their artwork, movies, games etc which was fun.  Quite a bit of things for sale there that you don’t see every day.  I particularly enjoyed the opportunity to see and purchase some DVDs from independent film makers.  I walked out with The Transient, The Window Into Time (which should come with a bonus feature Bedtime for Timmy), Aidan5, Terror From Beneath The Earth, The Monster Of Phantom Lake, and Destination Outer Space.  Looking forward to watching those.

There was also some big stars present.  I actually took the opportunity to get an autograph from John Barrowman while there.  Have to say, despite being an international star (He has quite a bit of TV under his belt including BBC’s Doctor Who, BBC’s Torchwood and ABC’s Desperate Housewives) he seemed to be a pretty nice guy.

John Barrowman signing Autographs John Barrowman signing Autographs

Beyond that I’d say the only undesirable part was how crowded it was.  This is definitely a popular event!

Click the link to check out the photo album with pictures we took during the event.  (C2E2 – 2012 Photo Album)

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