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How to Remove your Google Web History

If you have an account on Google and are worried about the upcoming privacy changes that Google is enacting this guide will help you remove your history.

Old Geezer’s Guide to Age Proofing Your Resume (YouTube Video)

Maria Dubov explains how someone out of the target age group for I/T can make themselves just as desirable to hiring managers as the youngins.  Perhaps more desirable when you consider the map rap millennials get about not staying interested in any one thing for ….  Oh look something shiny!

2012-02-22 Life Outside the Box (LOTB) Part I

2012-02-22 Life Outside the Box (LOTB) Part II

Listen as Ann Babiarz discusses Emotional Intelligence in this week’s Life Outside the Box podcast.

Wonder Woman Car Stolen

I hate to say it but they’re expecting it’s return because of unique paint (decal?) on the hood …  Don’t most cars that get stolen end up dismantled for parts?  I feel bad for this woman and I do hope that’s not the case but I’m not optimistic.

What to do if your Eyeball Falls out of it’s Socket

Can you read this without holding your eyes in psychosomatic pain?  I can’t.

Japan Earthquake: Before and After

Impressive and sad.  I can only imagine what having your entire life turned upside down in a very short period of time must be like.

Myths, Lies and True Believers: Why Libertarians Should be Cautious

I disagree with the headline and premise of this story, that any one of a particular political affiliation, religious belief or personal conviction is any more or less susceptible to lies, rumors or urban legends . . .  Regardless of how it looks at times.  That said however this article is a very interesting read.

De-Occupy Your House Movement

A few problems with this for me . . .

First off our economic collapse this decade may have been far worse if everyone with an underwater mortgage (isn’t that a pretty high percentage of homeowners these days?)  Not sure.  There is something to be said for ripping the bandage off though.

Second most states have deficiency laws in place that allow the banks to come after you if you were to just simply walk away.  They could come after you for the difference between what they were able to actually sell the home for (which may be even less than the actual value)   So what would the point be of walking away from your home if you’re going to have to pay that back anyway?

Never Forget. Never Again – Allegiance – That Blog is so Takei

George Takei talks about what happened 70 years ago when the acting U.S. President signed a decree that forced all Americans of Japanese decent into internment camps.  A very sad point in our history.

Mingley Maintains your Personal and Professional Connections

I need to give this a shot!

Watch a Gas Station Change Prices During Live National TV Broadcast

Funny!  Very bad timing.

Car Accident Happens Behind Reporter (YouTube Video)

“We could see fewer people driving” *SMACK* . . .   I’d say that prophecy was fulfilled

Man Found Alive After Being Snowed in for Months

“The man had survived thanks to a sleeping bag and eating nothing but snow since December. He was immediately transferred to the hospital and has yet to give any official statement.”


Facebook Defriending Leads to Murder

Not really all that surprising.  I’ve seen a lot of people use “defriending” as a high insult towards another individual.  Stupid yes but there it is.

Notifications are Evil

Finally someone else validates my viewpoint!  We have too many immediate “HAVE TO LOOK AT THIS RIGHT NOW!” notifications reaching us on a daily basis.  It’s distracting and needless.

Animal Rights Activists Charged in Murder for Hire Plot

Taken a bit too far don’t you think?


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