Changing How I Utilize Facebook

I’ve been neglecting my personal website in favor of Facebook.  Yes, the big bad demon of fast and easy content sharing.  Two problems with Facebook.  First problem is my writing ability has suffered greatly after a few years of short entries.  Second is the security settings lulled me into a false sense of what was visible to who.

That worked well until they made several mistakes that I consider to be rookie sysadmin mistakes with their security.  Make a change and default everyone to the lowest and most insecure settings.  Makes total sense!!

The final straw for me was in September of 2011.  I wanted to share a batch of photos with about 100 people.  Facebook technically has this ability but nothing I tried would work.  Limiting the photos to not be seen by certain groups of people didn’t work the same way that it once did.

The new way to manage security on a photo album appeared to be to select who I did want to see it (which makes more sense).  So I created a group of who should see the photos and attempted to add the group as an authorized user to the album.  No dice, have to add the users one at a time to the album (far more time consuming than creating a group in the group screen).  Okay fine.

So I added all 100 people to the album.  After saving I found that only 15 people were saved in the group.   I added 20 more and that time only five saved.  Then no more were saving.  I finally managed to get people added by adding them once, save, twice, save.  Would take the second time.  When I reached 50 people the trick stopped working.

At this point I went to the support forums and found people complaining about all the same problems I was having …  The complaints started a few months prior … There were no helpful responses from Facebook staff on the matter either.  Since I pay nothing for the service (aside from handing them all sorts of marketing data to sell) that’s about what I would expect from their support staff as well.  There was also the issue of the group of friends I have that have not succumbed to peer pressure and therefore did not create a Facebook account.  I needed a way to share things with them as well.

I then decided it was time to get my site up to the latest stable releases of WordPress and Gallery, link them through single sign on and start updating here again.

As for Facebook I’ve been going through and deleting all prior activity.  What a fun task let me tell you ….  I’ve gone through since I first signed up in 2007 and deleted everything one by one.  Status Updates, Comments (on my own and other people’s statuses), Photos etc etc etc.   While the trip down memory lane is great …  I want a feature that would allow me to tell Facebook to delete or make private all activity prior to XX date.  Seems the only way to do that would be to completely delete my Facebook account and start a new one … And go through and “refriend” everyone.  No thanks.

What I thought would be a great use for Facebook moving forward would be to collect my thoughts of the week (month, year, decade ….) and discuss them with whoever felt like discussing them.  Then dump what’s worth holding onto into a blog post and delete everything on Facebook that was posted for that week.  This way I own and control the final content.  I control what’s for certain groups and what’s public and if something goes wrong I only have myself to blame.  The drafts (for lack of better term) will exist on Facebook’s servers somewhere I’m sure but whatever.

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