Moving Along . . .

As of Friday I’ll no longer be working for my current company. Starting Monday morning I’ll be working for another company located in Downtown Chicago walking distance from where the train lets me off.

Since I’ll be doing a train commute I’ve been remembering some stories about a coworker of mine told me about her time riding on the train . . . One that stands out in particular is when there was a rather . . . For lack of better term “whacked out” individual hanging out in the area between two Metra cars. Every so often he’d open the door and shout phrases. “I’m going to keeeeeeeell you” “You’re all going to diiiiiiie” (yes this was back in the day before 9-11 and other terrorist attacks)

I’m sure over time I’ll have stories of my own to share with this commute. Worst I’ve had with driving to work is people that actually did try to kill me by turning their vehicle into a weapon but that’s a typical thing. 🙂

That being said however, it is sad to leave my current company. I’ve worked here for a bit over a year and its not been a bad place to work at all. That being said however it was time to move on.

I wish all my coworkers and friends from there good luck in all their future endeavors and hope they keep the atmosphere in that department as light hearted and fun as it always was.

Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.

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