Goodbye to Coworkers

Yesterday we said goodbye to three coworkers.  They were employed on a contract basis and the contract was up.

Susan I worked with for about a year, Lynn and Romona I worked with for about nine months.

It was sad to see all three of them go as we learned a lot from each other and had a lot of fun working together.  We’d spend days in between calls and projects going back and forth tormenting each other. 

The honors for someone who truly got me would go to Romona.  On my birthday, as I was reading the card everyone signed for me, I found myself suddenly covered in silly string.  That might have been payback for the time that I kept walking past her and covering her back with stickers.  She didn’t realize the stickers were there all day or while she was shopping afterwards.  Her daughter pointed out her new look upon her arrival home. 

Susan was an absolute trip.  I remember walking back muttering various complaints about the copier.  Susan perked up and said “Yeah I know!  When I came here I didn’t think anyone smiled!  I got to the point where I just smiled at them every time I walked past just to get to them!”  Romona, Lynn, Ross and I looked at her for a bit.  Finally Romona said “Susan . . .  The copiers weren’t smiling at you?”  Susan never did live that one down.

Lynn was a riot too.  Another coworker of ours showed us how to make phone calls through a notify service and assign whatever caller ID # we wanted to it.  She had it call her daughter from her daughter’s new phone number to her old phone number (which hadn’t been disconnected yet) “this is your new phone . . .  Don’t you want me?”  Then the next call “I want to be found but you’re not looking hard enough” and on and on.  Poor kid!

There are many other fun times that we’ve shared here and I will miss those times.  I wish all three of them the best and hope they enjoy their new positions as much or more as their position here. 

Keep learning and keep enjoying life the three of you!

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3 Responses to Goodbye to Coworkers

  1. Lynn Green says:

    It was so kind of you to think of those good times we shared. Learning about people and sharing life experiences is to me one of the greatest teachers in the world. You are a good person Derek Weber and I enjoyed our working relationship. I too wish you lots of success in your life. Take care and I will miss your laughter.


  2. Susan Torres says:

    Derek to say you made my assignment at Grainger one that I will never forget would be a understatement.

    And I will kill you for the copier issue, I thought you were being yourself about co-workers. I never heard copier. (watch it, no remarks about my hearing).
    Love working with you.

    Always Susan

  3. Romona says:


    It was a pleasure working with you. Our work life has developed a friendship. I enjoyed getting you with the silly string. Every day there has a memorable moment whether it was getting advice from each other or complaining about life situations. It was a blast.

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