The Mother of All Meltdowns!

Watch the Mother of all Meltdowns

A month or two ago Fox aired a two-part episode to their show Trading Spouses. Trading Spouses is about two families that trade one parent. In this case a mother from Louisiana and a mother from Boston traded homes for a week. The Louisiana mother is ultra Christian while the Boston mother is into New Age type of things.

To make a long story short the show ended with the Louisiana woman having a complete meltdown upon her return home (which can be seen in the video above)

Because of this she gained notoriety for reasons most people (including her) would not want to gain it for. I feel for her but at the same time . . . She signed a contract to be on national TV. If she has a meltdown while the cameras are rolling then that footage is going to get used. For the TV networks footage like that is gold.

One of the things done to commemorate her Trading Spouses appearance is a talking Bobble-Head that was created of her and put up for auction on eBay.

I found this pretty entertaining and figured I’d put it up here.

Below are links to the actual web pages.

CLTV News Story
God Warrior BobbleHead Auction
God Warrior BobbleHead official website

Just for when these websites eventually go away I’ve copied them to PDF files.

CLTV News Story (PDF Download)
Bobble-Head Home Page (PDF Download)
Bobble-Head Gallery Page (PDF Download)
Bobble-Head Auction Page (PDF Version)

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